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At home or on the road, dogs put the life in lifestyle.

national train your dog month
The APDT is celebrating with free events for January
Woman scratching dog
Save time on boring tasks and spend it enjoying your dog
Dogs in Autumn
As late summer’s dog days drift into fall, prepare your pup for the season.
The doomed ship's survivors included three canines
dog poop bags on trail
A pandemic means more dogs on trails and more waste left behind.
sailing with dogs
A liveaboard life, complete with dogs
man kissing dog
Health and behavioral considerations of kissing our dogs
Sam Cohen with a dog at a shelter. (Credit: Cadence L. Baugh Chang/Indiana U.)
Choosing the perfect dog poses challenges similar to speed-dating.
Budget friendly ideas for dog owners
Five ways to save money without shortchanging your dog
Skinny Dogs
Visible ribs can lead to criticism
When people try to be helpful but aren’t
water hemlock dog toxic
Pet owners watch out this summer for a common, but deadly plant.
More states add protections to those aiming to rescue.
More companies are providing time off for new U.K. pet parents.
The train line has been developing a program to include pets on trips.
Dogs lap water in a precise way to maximize intake.
40 percent of law enforcement pups are killed from heat exhaustion.