At home or on the road, dogs put the life in lifestyle.

man kissing dog
Health and behavioral considerations of kissing our dogs
winter care - dog tips
Cold weather and shorter daylight hours call for extra vigilance and special care.
Pets are the first thing on the "to bring" list when evacuating
It’s still a challenge, but there have been improvements in recent years
Dog Running A Race In Every Connecticut Town
Quinn the Labrador to complete the feat with race in 169th town next month
dog memes
They make it fun to stay connected
Sam Cohen with a dog at a shelter. (Credit: Cadence L. Baugh Chang/Indiana U.)
Choosing the perfect dog poses challenges similar to speed-dating.
The law allows it, but few are comfortable with it
dogs play
Just for laughs—Bailey the Yellow Lab at Stanford
Budget friendly ideas for dog owners
Five ways to save money without shortchanging your dog
One dog is always on the brain
A reminder of one’s identity
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Umm, did anyone think this through?
Canine commercials will steal the show—again
dog on stairs
Which traits are essential?
Division of labor benefits the dogs