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At home or on the road, dogs put the life in lifestyle.

11-year-old Anna Getner forgoes vacations and concerts to create a play space for dogs.
Italian supermarket finds a way to make their stores even more pet friendly.
While scouting pups in need, a Canadian rescue organization ends up buying a shelter in Israel.
An autistic boy nearly loses his pup for good when the Weimaraner runs away without identification.
Bomb sniffing pups are at a premium these days.
The train line has been developing a program to include pets on trips.
Californian pup survives five weeks after falling off of a fishing boat.
New sport encourages people and their pups to jump, run, and crawl.
Vets are seeing an increase in fractured carnassial teeth.
The Diamondbacks up the ante with its Dog Days of Summer promotion.
University of Florida study compares shelter breed assessments and DNA tests.
Fetch! identifies your pups’ breed makeup through new technology.
Runners in an Alabama race were surprised at their canine participant.
This year the National Incident-Based Reporting System will include data on animal cruelty crimes.
Residential developments are increasingly catering to dog lovers.
The CNN anchor donates ballistic vests to the Norfolk Police K9 Unit.
An Italian town considers banning loud pyrotechnics in consideration of animals.
The Empire State designates a progressive choice as their official dog.
Laurie Anderson performs a music show designed for canines.
Dogs may show co-species cooperation in a similar way as humans and primates.