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At home or on the road, dogs put the life in lifestyle.

Laurie Anderson performs a music show designed for canines.
Dogs may show co-species cooperation in a similar way as humans and primates.
United Airlines employs comfort dogs during the hectic holiday travel.
Dogs lap water in a precise way to maximize intake.
Cornell hopes the ‘test tube’ pups will lead to advances in protecting endangered species and eliminating genetic diseases.
Tennessee’s online database goes live on January 1st.
The Dog Parker lets people run errands with their pets.
Retired military dog is honored with a rare public funeral.
Army surgeon Colonel Fredrick Lough reflects on treating a Czech war dog in Afghanistan.
40 percent of law enforcement pups are killed from heat exhaustion.
PawsLikeMe uses an algorithm to match people with adoptable pups.
Ohio court rules against a case challenging the use of therapy dogs during a trial.
An Austalian Shepherd is poisoned from eating the feces of a recently dewormed sheep.
ASPCA’s new state of the art center rehabilitates dogs to prepare them for adoption.
Duke finds the games conducted by ‘citizen scientists’ hold up in the lab.
Study uses adapted activity to improve physical and psychological health.
Microchip proved useful in the case of a stolen Seattle pup.
A boy treks over 300 miles to Greece with his beloved puppy.
Included as cherished family members