Issue 94: Summer 2018


Welcome to the summer issue of The Bark. With oh-so-many dog books coming out this season from the expert/science community, we decided to include a special “summer school” section. We agree that summer should be fun, but I do think we owe it to our dogs to really dig into getting to know them better, and that itself can be a lot of fun. From how to become a citizen ethologist to hunting for truffles, these experts make learning enjoyable, entertaining and elucidating.

Training & Behavior

FAQs on their purpose and problems, and some practical advice

Stories & Lit


The writer-director discusses her dog-centric inspiration with us.
A review and Q&A with the filmmaker

Health Care

(And How Best to Improve Them)
A primer on what to ask and what to do next during a trip to the veterinary ER

Smiling Dogs

Guest Posts

Dogs at Work

Navigating cabs, airports and life with a guide dog

Healthy Living

Boost your dog’s antioxidant and fatty acid intake with oil from an ancient plant.


Canine Enthusiasts Summer School
How Wolves and Humans Coevolved
Book Review and Excerpt
Families—two and four-legged—Coming Together Again