Issue 53: Mar/Apr 2009

Let’s hear it for good old dogs! In the new issue, join us as we raise a paw to seniors—not only do we spotlight Seattle’s Old Dog Haven, a group with a soft spot for elderly canines, and revel in portraits of America’s “golden oldies,” we also round up info and tips on their care and behavior, gear to ease their days, and hands-on ways to ease their muscles. And in the wider world of dog culture, science and art are added to the mix with pieces on Darwin’s insights on dogs and Bonnard’s artful interiors, as well as thought-provoking essays, including one from the late Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, William Styron. Research, film, poetry, Airstream adventures, and advice on nutrition and law round out the issue.


Old Dog, Good Dog—Tune into your senior’s needs. By Jeannette Cooperman
Senior Dogs in America—Photos of the nation’s venerable dogs. By Nancy LeVine
Pierre Bonnard—A painter’s view of family and friends. By Nancy Coleman Wolsk
Darwin’s Dogs—Celebrating the bicentennial of the father of evolution. By Mark Derr

Walking with Aquinnah—The delights of rambling with a dog. By William Styron
Grooming Sweetie—Tender lessons from an elderly Afghan. By Denise Kirshenbaum
Two Dogs and a Door—The (mis)adventures of the Wonder Wieners. By Val Mallinson
Lifetime Dog—Sharing a special place in one’s heart. By Eileen Mitchell

Number 52—Patrick Lawler
Command—Robert Riche
My Dog Chasing a Chipmunk—Judith Sornberger
Rescue Dog—Rebecca Leidner

[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—Go ahead, issue a senior citizen pass. By Patricia McConnell, PhD
[Wellness] Stretch It Out—Help your dog stay fit and flexible. By Raquel Wynn
[Gear] Lend a Helping Hand—Products to make life more comfortable.
[Legal] Pet Trusts—Providing for your pup after you’re gone. By Rebecca Wallick, JD
[Family Dog] Dogs were siblings’ best friends.
[Media] Film Fatale—Is movie violence toward dogs on the rise? By Heather Huntington
[On the Road] Airstream Dreamin’—A woman, her dog and a vintage Airstream. By Kristiana Spaulding
[Nutrition] Dig Deeper—10 home-feeding misperceptions. By Catherine Lane
[Research] Spot On—Dalmatian DNA holds the key to a medical mystery. By Amy Young
[Humane] People Who Matter—Judith Piper and Old Dog Haven welcome white whiskers. By Lisa Wogan
[Vet Advice] More than a Pretty Smile—Dental hygiene promotes good health. By Barbara Royal, DVM
[Training] Ask the Behaviorist—Teach your dog to have a “soft” mouth. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Reviews] Daily Coyote, Playtime for Your Dog, Made for Each Other, Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman

Dirty Bow Wow—Dogs and their toys.
Pet Soup Kitchens—Filling empty food bowls.
Kiss the Dog—New report says it’s safe.
Cover Dog—Meet Mr. Tuvok.
Kibble—Bite-size news and views.
The Canine Supernanny—Victoria Stilwell takes charge.
Yawns Are Contagious—Catch one from your dog.
Tribute—A dog speaks to an artist.
Show & Tell—Interspecies mixers.
Smiling Dogs—More happy faces.
Opinion—Nathan Winograd says No Kill Nation is a goal within reach.

Web Extras
Good stuff we couldn't quite fit into our March 2009 issue.

From This Issue

• Meet Mr. Tuvok - Cover Dog: Mar/Apr 2009
• News on Dog Parks Across the Country - Good news on the OLA front
• Pet Soup Kitchens - Serving food for dogs and comfort for owners.
• What Age is Your Dog in Dog Years? - Tips to help your oldster live long and prosper.
• Esprit de Corps - Soldiers’ buddies find a safe haven
• Update on the Three-Year Rabies Booster for Dogs - Inching toward the three-year interval nationwide.
• Top Dogs - Shouldn’t every state have an official canine?
• Web Extras: Mar/Apr 2009 - Good stuff we couldn't quite fit into our March 2009 issue.
• Senior Solutions - Gear designed especially for seniors helps make these the best years of their lives—and makes your life easier too.
• Teach Senior Dogs New Tricks to Stay Healthy - Tuning in to your senior’s needs.
• White Whiskers Welcome - Old Dog Haven accommodates senior dogs
• Provide for Your Dog After You’re Gone - Having a pet trust doesn’t make you crazy—it makes you a good dog guardian.
• DNA Test Helps Dalmatians - Researchers identify gene that causes bladder stones
• A Lifetime Dog - A companion, a friend and a source of joy
• Film Fatale - Is there more violence toward animals in today’s movies?
• Yawns Are Contagious! - Catch one from your dog.