Issue 69: Mar/Apr/May 2012

We bring you a spring issue filled with another wondrous array of articles, essays and art. To start, we offer a canine-behavior trifecta. Karen London dissects the controversy over the term “prey drive.” Does it increase our understanding of dog behavior, or—similar to the “alpha dog” notion—does it merely lead to more misunderstandings? In “Dog Smart,” Julia Hecht gives an overview of current academic interest in canine studies. Finally, Sophia Yin presents compelling evidence that operant conditioning is not only the most humane approach to dog training, but pays dividends, and that it has proved to be more reliable than long-standing coercion-based methods.

Our other features include a fascinating and inspirational report from Chicago on community advocates who are trying to solve animal abuse and dog-fighting problems by focusing on programs for young people. We also look at the ways military therapy dogs are deployed to provide battlefield troops with much-needed emotional support. We talk with our old friend, Mark Derr, about his latest canine “history” project, this one taking a look way back at the dawn of dogs. And we look at a therapy dog who is still busy working even though she has lost her sight.

For those of you who want to put more zing into your dog’s diet, we present “Toppings,” which lays out easy, inexpensive and inventive ways to vary suppertime fare. Plus, easy-as-pie directions for making your own yogurt—good for you and your dogs. Our travel piece takes us to our very favorite spot in SF: the Presidio of San Francisco. There you’ll find the city’s best beach and bay frontage; the Golden Gate Bridge looks close enough to toss a Frisbee over. And in “Follow Your Nose,” we have a thoughtful excerpt from a new memoir by Donna Kelleher, DVM, in which she discusses her holistic veterinary practice and approach to caring for cancer patients. Lee Harrington invites us to help celebrate Chloe’s springtime birthday, and in the touching EndPiece by Marianne Leone, we learn what it’s like to open your home, and your heart, to a pair of puppy-mill rescues.

All that, plus news from the Bark home front: Charlie, our newest addition—who can be seen on the cover—is proudly proclaiming his new status. Because he makes our fourth dog, we also look into why that number, at least for us, seems to be ideal in our lead-off piece, “The Pack is Back.” Anxious to hear your thoughts on that score. For now, dig in and enjoy it all.

The Pack is Back. The more the merrier? By Claudia Kawczynska
Positive Interventions: Outreach helps Chicago kids and dogs bond. By Jennifer Martin
Dog Smart: How well do we know our dogs? By Julie Hecht
Bells & Whistles: Operant conditioning’s staying power. By Sophia Yin, DVM
Interview with Mark Derr: Tracking the dawn of the dog. By Claudia Kawczynska
Follow Your Nose: Healing maladies holistically. By Donna Kelleher, DVM
Chloe Chronicles Part V: A birthday is cause for celebration. By Lee Harrington

[Destinations] Dog-friendly beaches of San Francisco’s Presidio.
[Recipes] Toppings liven up dog dining. By Elizabeth Kennedy
[Second Opinion] Treating chronic pain in dogs. By Nick Trout, DVM
[Dogs at Work] Dutchess, the disabled therapy dog, inspires many. By Karen Jones
[Good Dog] Behavior Matters: Rethinking prey drive. By Karen London, PhD
[Media] Darling Companion filmmakers Lawrence and Meg Kasdan. By Jan Wahl
[Activities] Trick training provides key mental stimulation. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Pro Tips] Photographer’s tips for great canine candids. By Sarah Sypniewski
[Therapy] Military therapy dogs give solace to soldiers. By Melanie D.G. Kaplan
[Travel] Advice for dog-friendly adventures. By Lisa Wogan
[Art] Robert Clarke Dog Portraits A–Z
[Book Reviews] Stay with Me; Sergeant Rex; Your Dog’s Best Health; Dog InSight
[EndPiece] Lucky and Frenchy. By Marianne Leone

Finding Charlie: Bark’s new dog
DIY Silhouettes
Home Works: Daily Life Clock
Spring Cleaning Tips
Smiling Dogs
Dexterity Puzzles

From This Issue

• The Pack Is Back [Updated] - Plus, readers write about their multi-dog households
• On the Road Again - Travel tips and tricks
• Toppings for Your Dog's Food - Add an extra dose of delicious with these homemade dog food toppers
• Destinations: San Francisco’s Presidio - Dog-friendly beaches and heavenly hikes.
• Prey Drive in Dogs: Fact or Fiction? - Is the term “prey drive” correct terminology or jargon?
• Q&A with Mark Derr about Dog Origins - Venturing deep into the history of our oldest friends
• Dog Smart: Exploring the Canine Mind - Researchers exploring the canine point of view
• Daily Life Clock - Home Works: Best picks of domestic design
• Finding our new dog, Charlie - A rescued stray joins The Bark’s family
• Holistic Approach to Cancer in Dogs - Healing maladies holistically.
• Dog Walking Services - Three companies to watch
• Dog Rescue: Indigo - Oregon’s Indigo Rescue thinks big
• Dogs Bring Relief to Soldiers - Operation Stress Control
• Trick Training - Promoting mental stimulation
• From Scratch: Yogurt Making - Probiotic for you and your dog