Max Miller’s Canine Kaleidoscope

Pictures in an Exhibition
By The Bark Editors, May 2011, Updated June 2021
Max Miller Art

Max Miller is known for abstract paintings that embrace color and line, as well as figurative works with human and animal subjects; dogs are among his favorites. On occasion, he employs both genres in a hybrid style perhaps best described as canine psychedelia. These oils and watercolors explode with color and shimmer with richly decorated backgrounds—it’s as though the dogs have leaped into the paintings and turned to gaze back at us, inviting us to join them. The combination of the two styles is at first disconcerting, but we quickly settle into Miller’s altered reality with its visual cornucopia— traces of Middle Eastern mosaics, bright tie-dye patterns and wild amoebic shapes delight the eye and bring to mind what was called “mind-tripping” back in the day. Careful—you may find yourself leaping into these paintings too…

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 56: Sept/Oct 2009

Max Miller is known for his colorful, almost kaleidoscopic oil paintings and watercolors. Earlier this year, a series of paintings made following the death of his father was the subject of the exhibit, Final Mourner’s Kaddish: 333 Days in Paintings, at New York City’s Yeshiva University Museum. Imagery courtesy of the artist.