Issue 54: May/Jun 2009

Come on in—the reading’s fine. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in stories about a cross-country rescue, how one man instigated a puppy mill bust, how children learn kindness and how a Texas terrier is lending a nose to help endangered sea turtles. Looking for ways to save money? We have tips on stretching your vet dollars as well as recipes for tasty home-cooked meals. Bark behaviorists Patricia McConnell and Sophia Yin give us the inside scoop on the differences between male and female dogs and a lesson plan for sidewalk scavengers. Plus pup-friendly cars, Pablo, Pixar, Percy and much, much more.

Gender Gap—Do male and female dogs learn differently? By Patricia McConnell
Ranger Ridley—A Texas terrier helps a species threatened with extinction. By Andrew Guthrie
Teaching Kindness—Children learn to become animal advocates. By Rikke Jorgensen
Dog & Driver—How to find the perfect car for your perfect pup. By Maureen McDonald

A Rescue Trip—Holly and Kit come home. By Claudia Kawczynska
In Tribute—Chip. By Brian Stauffer
Team Building—An anxious dog learns to weave. By Robert Rodi
Two Percy Poems—By Mary Oliver
Love, Squared—By Laurie M. Knight

[Masterwork] Pablo Picasso—Language takes form. By Susan Greenberg Fisher
[Profile] Lily Tomlin—The legendary comedian stands up for animals. By Alysia Gray Painter
[Media] Pixar’s Up—The new animated film is brimming with dogs. By Barbara Robertson
[Training] Leave It!—A lesson plan for the sidewalk scavenger. By Sophia Yin, PhD, MS
[Assistance] Two for the Road—Guide dog helps his partner navigate the course. By Brad Crawford
[Classics] Antiquity’s Working Dogs—Terracotta and marble guardians. By Catherine Johns
[Safety] Playing It Safe—Choose toys with more than fun in mind. By Sheila Pell
[Humane] Busted—Confronting the realities of puppy mills. By Jan Rodak
[Recipes] Cheaper Eats—Home cooking can help you feed ‘em well for less. By Roschelle Heuberger, PhD, RD
[By the Numbers] Eight Training Trends—What’s new with the dog pros? By Karen B. London, PhD
[Vet Advice] More Bark for Your Buck—Stretch those vet dollars. By Nancy Kay, DVM
[Reviews] Dogs: History, Myth, Art; Heroic Measures; Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals; Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment; Dog On It

Editor’s Essentials—Walking gear.
Global Good—Poochie-Bells extends a hand.
Cook ‘Em Treats—Kits make it simple to treat them right.
Handy Helpers—Spin a tick, treat a sting, do the Heimlich.
Cover Dog—Meet sweet Charlotte, our Southern belle.
Tail Chasers—Is it habit or is it health?
A Man and His Dog—The legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo’s canine co-star.
Smiling Dogs—A new crop of pleased-as-punch pups.
Family Dog—The mythic Derby.
Show & Tell—Canine capers.

Web Extras—Good stuff we couldn’t quite fit into our June 2009 issue.

From This Issue

• Meet Charlotte - Cover Dog: May/Jun 2009
• Web Extras: May/Jun 2009 - Good stuff we couldn’t quite fit into our June 2009 issue.
• Puppy Mill Bust - A report from the inside
• Lily Tomlin Talks - The legendary comedian stands up for animals
• Pixar’s Up - The new animated film is brimming with dogs
• Humane Education—Teaching Kindness - How children learn to become animal advocates
• Eight New Dog Training Trends - What’s new with the dog pros
• Dog Food Recipes: Bow Wow Brunch - Make this easy oatmeal brunch for dogs recipe.
• Dog Food Recipes: Fido's Fricassee - Make this easy fricassee meatloaf for dogs recipe.
• Dog Food Recipes: Puppy Stew - Make this easy chicken stew for dogs recipe.
• Dog Food Recipes: Fishy Treat for Dogs - Make this easy fish recipe for dogs.
• Pet Safety Tips for Dog Emergencies - Bee stings, choking, ticks—it’s a cruel world out there. Be prepared!
• Treat Kits - Kits make it simple to treat them right.