Meet Amos

By The Bark Editors, October 2020, Updated June 2021

Dog’s name and age: Amos, 8 years

Nicknames: Ame or Aim

Adoption story: We noticed Amos while at the local humane society. At that time, Amos was basically skin and bones, weighed about 65 pounds, and had reportedly been badly abused. 

We fell in love with him and after several months of love and care, he blossomed into a 110-pound juggernaut who is very gentle and affectionate. His favorite activities are tug-of-war and long walks with us. 

Despite total darkness in the room, when he’s chilly he will scratch the covers back and find his way underneath to go back to sleep. Since I work from home, Amos is exceptionally good at being my alarm clock. At some point in the day he comes into my office, sits, and stares at me. The message is unambiguous – it’s time for our walk. I always try to oblige him and have never regretted these moments.

Photo: Reader submitted photo