Meet Archie

By The Bark Editors, April 2020

Dog's name and age: Archie, 4 years

Nicknames: Big Dog, Archibald T. Pick

Adoption Story: We adopted Archie after a sad turn of events, one of his previous owners died of Lukemia and the other took their life days later. Archie's two fur-siblings were easily adopted by another family. But for four months Archie was shuffled between family members of the deceased before ending up at a rescue; he deemed a “difficult” dog. When we met him, we saw his sad brown eyes and knew we needed him as much as he needed us.

Now, Archie loves to go on walks with his sister Harper (a Bernese-Aussie mix) and his peeps. Car rides are a close second and laying in the sunshine with his eyes closed soaking up the vitamin D makes him really happy.

We love that he sleeps under our blanket between us and casually slides out each morning to sweetly kiss our faces. We know he now really feels a part of our family and it’s an amazing way to start every day.