Meet Banzai

By The Bark Editors, August 2020

Dog’s name and age: Banzai, 12 years

Adoption story: Banzai was returned to his breeder because his high energy was just too much for his first owners. At 8 months he had no training at all, and didn’t even respond to his former name, "Newton." It quickly became clear to us that he was not a "thinker" but a "doer." He responded to his new name right away!

Banzai has always been a happy boy! Of all the activities we do together, his favorite two things are Dock Diving and Earthdog. It is wonderful to be able to channel that high energy into passion. His claim to fame was his induction into the North America Diving Dogs Hall of Fame in 2018. As a "Lap Dog" Banzai was a pioneer in the sport. 

Banzai has taken me on so many wonderful journeys! Doing so many activities with him has been a joy. What I love about him most is his passion for learning. From the day he joined our family he was clicker trained. The cross between his desire to learn and his innate instinct and drive, has made him successful in so many different sports. He is my role model for both tenacity and grace. At 11-years-old he jumped his personal best in Dock Diving, just when I thought I should retire him for the sport! But mostly what I love about him is that he is our cuddle boy.

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