Meet Benny

By The Bark Editors, October 2020

Dog’s name and age: Benny, 1 years

Nicknames: Benny Boy, Bug, Bubba, Baby

Adoption story: In his 8 months of age, Benny has traveled nearly 2,500 miles by truck or car. He was a rescue pup who had never lived with a family before. He was energetic but didn’t want to get too close. He was unsure of where he could go in the house and wouldn’t get comfortable. He never wagged his tail, never smiled, but he was still open to love. Now, he doesn’t stop smiling, wagging his tail, and asking for pets.

Benny has the pleasure to spend hours on end every day at the dog park hanging out with his dog pals. He also goes everywhere with his folks whether that’s on walks, car rides, or even trips to the shopping center. He has made such huge strides, he’s a snuggle bug, and is the best companion. 

Behind the name: I’ve always loved the name Benjamin with Benny for short. We’re adding a new dog “Jet” to the family, we will soon be Benny and the Jets!