Meet Caesar: The Bark’s Newest Cover Dog

By The Bark Editors, November 2018, Updated December 2018
Photos by Amanda Jones

Photos by Amanda Jones

Last spring we put a call out for a dog who would make a special cover dog. We were seeking a mixed-breed dog who possessed a special spirit and a certain joie de vivre. We received over 4,000 submissions from around the country—big and small dogs, Hounds and Shepherds, Retrievers and Terriers. The Bark editors and representatives from our contest sponsor, Wisdom Panel, took up the near impossible task of narrowing down a group of 20 finalists, then whittling that number to a top five, before selecting the winning pup. Meet Caesar, a 50-pound one-year-old who loves food, swimming, tennis balls and snuggling, who started life in Tennessee. When he was two months old, he and his littermates were transported to New York for fostering and adoption. And this is where he got lucky.

Not long after Scout MacEachron signed up to foster for Fur Friends in Need, she and her boyfriend, Alec Richards, were on their way to Staten Island to pick up Caesar and one of his brothers. The kitten-sized puppies taught Scout and Alec how to care for dogs, and in the process, Caesar secured a place in the couple’s heart. When the time came for Caesar to be adopted, they couldn’t let him go.

As Scout tells us, “Caesar makes every day better; we love him beyond words. He’s taught us to be more patient, laugh more often and love harder.”

Curious about Caesar’s breed background, Scout had his DNA analyzed by Wisdom Panel. Turns out that while he’s a very mixed mixed breed, he’s essentially Lab/Hound. That may explain his unique howl-bark and proclivity to follow his nose. Knowing Caesar’s heritage gives Scout and Alec insight into his behavior. It also reinforces what the couple already knows: Caesar is a certified canine original!


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Caesar's original submission photo

Long-time contributor Amanda Jones photographed Caesar and captured him in a playful mood. We think he makes a mighty fine cover dog. The Bark thanks Wisdom Panel for sponsoring this special cover-dog contest. Most of all, thanks to all who entered their incredible dogs! There were so many great photos, we decided to sprinkle some throughout this new (Winter) issue as well as on the inside back cover. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your dog; we’ll be featuring more in future issues.