Meet Ceilidh

By The Bark Editors, July 2020

Dog's name and age: Ceilidh, 3 years

Adoption Story: We adopted Ceilidh from Tails & Trails Rescue, an organization in Indiana, who had removed her and her two surviving puppies from a situation of starvation and neglect. The three were being fostered, and as soon as the puppies no longer needed to nurse, all three were put up for adoption.

We brought Ceilidh home in 2018 and because we love Scotland, we wanted her to have a Celtic name. Ceilidh means “celebration” and is pronounced kay-lee. She has fit in beautifully with our family which includes three cats.

Ceilidh is such a happy dog and smiles all the time. Since we adopted her, we have enrolled her in seven training courses, and these have been so much fun for all of us. She seemed to especially enjoy her Trick Dog course and the two levels of agility training. At the conclusion of her second agility course, she ran a 10-obstacle course with me, entirely off-leash. We also did two levels of Connection, Cooperation, and Control, which included interactive puzzles she learned to solve. At home, she enjoys continuing these activities with a small agility course in the backyard, and we continue to do the puzzle work.


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We adopted her about a year after our last dog passed, and I am certain that we needed Ceilidh every bit as much as she needed us. I cannot imagine what Ceilidh's life may have ended up being if Tails and Trails did not rescue her.

She's a beautiful dog who is but one of the countless dogs out there who need good homes and a chance for a happy life. She's a daily reminder of the important role rescue organizations, animals shelters, and other humane groups do to match these animals with people who can give them the love, care, and lifelong home they deserve. I hope anyone who sees her photo and is thinking of purchasing a dog will be inspired to think instead of adopting a dog desperately in need of a forever home.

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