Meet Dixie

By The Bark Editors, March 2020

Dog's name and age: Dixie, 10 years

Nicknames: Mrs. Willoughby, Dixie Doodle and Mooshi

Adoption Story: I was grief stricken after losing my previous dog, Zoey, to congestive heart failure after an extended illness. I was determined to wait awhile before adopting again so my heart would have time to heal. But life seldom goes as planned. Within a few months I found myself looking at adoptable shelter pets online. In spite of my concerns about her advanced age (not to mention a weight problem), I found myself drawn to Dixie. She was a mop of hair at the time, more “Cousin It” than Cairn Terrier. Everything just fell into place after that. She has the sweetest disposition and has proven to be perfect for me.

Dixie loves meeting new people and their dogs while out for a good walk. Her short legs don't keep her from galloping down the walking is quite a sight to see! She also enjoys taking frequent breaks on her walks to sniff just about everything.  

Dixie also recently successfully completed her Pet Partners evaluation, so we will be participating in a reading program for kids at a local elementary school. I'd like to give a shout out to Hospice Hearts, which brought Dixie into my life. They do wonderful work, finding foster and permanent homes for pets whose owners have died or gone into hospice.