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Meet Freddy

By The Bark Editors, July 2021

Dog’s name and age: Freddy, 7 years

Nicknames: Fred-Fred, Fred-Head

Adoption Story: Freddy is an Affenpinscher who came to me as a foster. He had a rough start in life. He had never lived inside, walked on a leash, or taken a bath. Freddy arrived with behavioral challenges, kennel cough, fleas, a terrible skin condition, and wonky back legs. I immediately fell in love, and he fell right in with our pack. At the end of his seven months with us as foster, there was no way anyone but me was going to adopt him.

Freddy smiles easily and often, despite his anxiety. Freddy doesn’t know how to play chase, but he’s slowly learning that with the help of his step-sibling Goth.

What I love most about Freddy is that he never gives up. Despite all he has been through, he still has a strong capacity for love. I see time and time again at the shelter neglected, abused, and unloved animals who are willing to forgive if given a chance at love. We can learn so much about love from our pets.

Photo: Reader submitted photo. Courtesy of Freddy’s person.