Meet Hercules

By The Bark Editors, April 2020

Dog's Name and Age: Hercules, 2 years

Adoption Story: We had made the decision to adopt a shelter dog rather than seek out a breeder to buy a puppy. Hercules had been bounced around a few shelters and was pretty timid at this point. After spending just a couple of minutes with him, we knew he absolutely would be coming home with us.

Living in Austin, which is a very dog friendly city, allows me to take him everywhere with me. He has enhanced our lives exponentially and we love him deeply. I even cook for him so as to provide the best I can for him.

Anytime we can hang out together is a great day for him. Greeting me at the door after work makes him ecstatically happy! Whether we're hiking, running errands, eating at outdoor restaurants or going to the dog park, he's just happy to meet people and dogs. He’s especially fond of spending time with my mom (his gramma) when she visits. He’s just happy to be here, period.

I will never understand how a dog like this ended up in a shelter, but I’m certainly happy he has found a permanent home with us. He is my best friend and constant companion.