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Meet Lola

By The Bark Editors, May 2021, Updated June 2021
smiling dog

Dog’s Name and Age: Lola, 6 years

Nicknames: Lola Lo

Adoption Story: Lola was adopted from a pet shelter that transported her from a hoarder in Tennessee, where she lived with 50 other dogs! On deciding her name, we stuck with our “Lo” theme. We have had several pets starting with “Lo” and Lola was a sweet name for a sweet girlie!

Lola is very shy at first, she’s come into her own happy terrier-ness, loves to play, watch critters, dig professional style holes, and we could not love her more! She has a Vizsla sister buddy that she rumbles with! We cherish that Lola has made great strides toward being her own dog in the four years she has lived with us, going from a dog who had no real socialization or experience with people, to a happy girl who greets our friends with a smile and a little kiss, and who bravely trusts us to give her new learning experiences! She is our little urchin princess!

Photo: Reader submitted photo