Meet Mango

By The Bark Editors, August 2020, Updated June 2021

Dog's name and age: Mango, 1 year

Adoption Story: Mango lived on the street in Kingston, Jamaica and got scraps of food from an old man who didn't have much for himself. Kingston Community Animal Welfare heard that the man needed help and that he no longer could afford to feed the stray dog. Thankfully, KCAW jumped into action and came to her rescue. KCAW got Mango spayed and ready for adoption. Mango found a great home in Mandeville, Jamaica with plenty of space to run and two family members who love her dearly.

KCAW feeds over 500 street dogs and 50 cats each week, and provides pet food to about 100 low/no income families who take good care of their pets, but sometimes just can't afford to buy food or provide needed vet care.

Photo: Reader submitted photo