Meet Martha

By The Bark Editors, May 2020

Dog's name and age: Martha, 2 years

Nicknames: Little Girl and Mar Mar

Adoption Story: I went into the local animal shelter with the intention of adopting a cat, but as I walked passed the dog section I locked eyes with this little girl and my plans shifted. I found her to be so easy going. Martha is a quiet dog but very expressive with her eyes. She is social but can read the room and puts other dogs at ease.

Martha loves to get outside and play with her dog pals. She is friendly but fearless and would like to stop to say hi to anyone and everyone. This little girl loves a mud puddle and makes her bath time worth it.

Martha knows which packages are for her when the mail comes—she loves a delivery day! When she isn't romping around, she likes to sit in her favorite chair and have a nice sun nap.