Meet Milkyway

By The Bark Editors, June 2020

Dog's name and age: Milkyway, 7 years

Nicknames: Michelino

Adoption Story: I first saw Milkyway online and decided I had to go to meet him immediately. He was all alone because his previous family refused him. After meeting, I knew we'd be the perfect fit. I decided on the name with the help of one friend of mine. At first I thought of Milky because of his color at the time, but it evolved into Milkyway.

He loves fetching balls and gets crazy for them. We love spending time in the beautiful and relaxing woods near our home in Italy along with my other dog. I'm a volunteer at an Italian dog rescue and I love the experience. My dogs both help me when I'm depressed or stessed, it's such a relief to be out experiencing life with them.