Meet Miss Pickles

By The Bark Editors, April 2020
Miss Pickles by Jason McCoy Photography

Photo by Jason McCoy Photography

Dog's name and age: Miss Pickles, 7 years

Adoption Story: Miss Pickles came to us as a rescue. When we met her she was shaven down to the skin on her back, with sunburns and blisters on the lower part of her back. She is now spoiled and has the most luxurious coat ever. We named her Miss Pickles because she is weird and loves pickles.

She loves going to the dog park with our other three rescues. When we first adopted her she would never bark and never play with a ball. Now, she barks every time she’s having fun, especially when there are toys involved.

I volunteer for a few rescues here in Arizona by taking portraits of adoptable dogs. A good photo helps promote dogs better and hopefully find their new forever family.


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Miss Pickles makes our home so lively. Our home is always very lively and energetic because of her and our other pups. We couldn’t imagine our lives without her!