Meet Mr. Tuvok

Cover Dog: Mar/Apr 2009
By The Bark Editors, February 2009, Updated June 2021

Join us in a round of applause for Mr. Tuvok, a 14-year-old, 10-pound Terrier mix who’s the light of his family’s life. In 2002, while living in Dallas, Hélène Côté and Mike Charlasch decided they needed a dog, one small enough to travel easily and spry enough to take part in outdoor adventures. They found their match in Mr. Tuvok, a pint-sized charmer they adopted from the Protective Animal League and named for the stoic Vulcan lieutenant commander on Star Trek Voyager. They adopted Tuvok with a bum leg and bad teeth, but those were soon fixed. In the process, it was discovered that not only had his back leg been broken and never set, he’d also been shot with an air rifle; the surgeon found three pellets in his body. Mr. T now leads an adventure-filled life with his family in Los Angeles, and this photo by L.A. photographer and award-winning art director Grace Chon catches his jaunty, spirited nature and winsome smile to perfection.

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 53: Mar/Apr 2009

Photograph by Grace Chon