Meet Poppy Sox

By The Bark Editors, June 2020

Dog's name and age: Poppy Sox, 3 years

Nicknames: Leonid Brezhnez, Tiny Dancer, Bedhead

Adoption Story: My last two rescue dogs had a lot of medical issues. I was financially and emotionally broken and I couldn't go through that again. I was without dogs for the first time in 25 years, so I decided I would foster dogs through Rocket Dog Rescue.

Two months after I brought Poppy home, I made it official and adopted her. Yes, I was a foster failure. Poppy had previously been abandoned and was quite withdrawn when the rescue group found her. I didn't want to her to have to adjust to a new home and I knew no one could love her as much as I do!

I chose the name Poppy and after seeing that she had mismatched "socks," I settled on Poppy Sox. Poppy Sox is a character. She's a wonderfully amusing, loving, little smarty pants. She makes me laugh, sometimes tests my patience and always warms my heart. The right dog always shows up at the right time.