Meet Quinn

By The Bark Editors, February 2021
smiling dog

Dog’s name and age: Quinn, 2 years

Nicknames: Quinny Quinn, Quinny the butt, Wiggle butts

Adoption story: My fiancé and I met Quinn at one of our kickball tournaments, several months into our search for our first dog together. Quinn was 4 months old and had just been rescued from an abusive, dog fighting situation. Poor pup was kept in an attic in 100+ degree weather in a kennel much too small for her physically and with nothing to eat or drink. The sheriff’s said she was found eating insulation.

We named Quinn after Harley Quinn because we have a DC theme going with our fur babies.

Quinn’s personality is all smiles, wiggles, and cuddles. She loves nothing more than playing or getting snuggles from her dads. She enjoys long walks, trips for ice cream, and running around with her friends at the local dog beach. Quinn will always do whatever is in her power to make her dads proud. She is a true treasure to all who meet her.