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Meet Quinn

By The Bark Editors, September 2021

Dog’s name and age: Quinn, 2 years

Nicknames: Quinny Quinn, Quinny the Butt, Wiggle Butts

Adoption Story: After several months of searching for our first dog together, my fiance and I met Quinn at one of our kickball tournaments. Quinn was four months old and had just been rescued from an abusive dog fighting situation. The poor puppy was kept in an attic in 100+ degree weather and in too small of a crate. Her owners provided her nothing to eat or drink. When the sheriff’s office stepped in to rescue her, they said she was found eating attic insulation.

The character Harley Quinn inspired her name—we have a DC theme going with our fur babies.

Quinn is all about the snuggles. She loves sleeping on the couch with her dads. Quinn enjoys long walks, trips for ice cream, and running around with her friends at the local dog beach. The only thing that she loves more is licking everyone she meets. It’s her favorite thing to do!

Photo: Reader submitted