Meet Sadie

By The Bark Editors, February 2020

Dog's name and age: Sadie, 5 years

Adoption Story: Sadie's first owner didn't want her and gave her up. Her previous owner said she was too hyper and her kids were not nice to Sadie. My granddaughter and her husband, who lived with us, adopted Sadie. Sadie and I grew very close and spent all day together while they worked.

When they moved out, I missed Sadie and Sadie missed me! So, Sadie started spending the night with me. A few more nights were added and eventually we all decided it was best if Sadie lived with me. Of course, they would continue to visit her because everyone in the family loves Sadie! She is such a good girl and lovely company who just wants to stay by my side. She is a wonderful dog and so much fun. Loves attention, toys and outfits.