Meet Sadie

By The Bark Editors, July 2020
smiling dog

Dog's name and age: Sadie, 4 years

Nicknames: Sadie Girl, Sadie Baby, Sadie Bug

Adoption Story: My husband is military and we moved to Virginia after getting stationed here. I knew no one and had no family. My husband was deploying in a few short weeks and I found Sadie. She was my best friend the entire time he was gone. She made me feel like I was never alone. We did everything together and still do. I was so lucky to have found a dog like her.

Sadie loves anything that involves water, she’s half dog/ half fish. She loves all people and just wants you to give her attention. We enjoy going to the beach together to play fetch. Sadie also does Dock Diving competitions all along the East Coast. We ranked number 3 iron dog warrior in the world last season.

I cherish the fact that no matter how bad of a day you have, your dogs are always right there to comfort you. They are more than a dog or a pet, they are my family, my pack. And I work hard every day to make sure I never let them down. They are my entire world.