Meet Sadie

By The Bark Editors, October 2020

Dog’s name and age: Sadie, 8 years

Nicknames: Boo Boo

Adoption story: I was at the shelter donating blankets when I saw Sadie as I was walking out, so I asked the volunteer what Sadie’s story was. I was told that Sadie was found in the mountains of Kentucky with a bullet between her eyes and one in her back. Apparently, she had been purposefully shot after giving birth to another litter of puppies and was unable to walk. The kind people who found her were able to get her help from the nearby animal shelters. 

I thought she could use more assistance, so I got permission to take Sadie to a veterinarian. We visited several veterinarians with some suggesting we should get her a cart, and another suggested she should be put down because she was incontinent and could not walk, but I didn’t listen.


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Sadie is no longer incontinent, but we are still working on increasing the strength of her back legs. I wrote a book about Sadie’s story and hope she can be a symbol for the anti-bullying movement. 

Sadie is amazing because of the impact that she has on others, especially those in wheelchairs. Sadie even has her image on the back of a police car, not many other dogs can say that. Sadie never ceases to amaze me and makes me laugh every day!