Meet Shasta

By The Bark Editors, July 2020

Dog's name and age: Shasta, 12 years

Nicknames: Love, Little Love, Shasta Lover Lips

Adoption Story: After living with her for about two years, she started alerting me to a heart condition I have called PSVT. She would come to me and nudge my leg, and if I didn't understand what she wanted, she would sit on my feet so that I would not go anywhere! Shasta will do this sometimes up to a minute before I have an episode, and if I listen to her, it keeps me from even having an episode at all!

Shasta also alerted me when I had breast cancer, although she alerted me in a different way from my heart condition. In addition to alerts, Shasta does many tricks and is always willing to show them off. She will sit "pretty", high 5, high 10, crawl and roll over.

Shasta is such a sweet, loving dog who is always at the ready to be of service, to go on a long walk or a play. Her sweet face is so expressive, making it easy to know what she wants. She makes life a happy place for me and my family. Shasta is a very special dog and my life has been enriched like I truly cannot describe fully.