Meet the Singing Chihuahua

Does your co-pilot croon?
By Lisa Wogan, January 2009, Updated June 2021

“Upon hearing just about any instrument, Ted immediately begins to ‘sing,’” Saeran St. Christopher tells us about the 11-year-old pup she adopted from Chihuahua rescue. “His voice, a bit wolf-howl mixed with sand and gravel, never fails to make people laugh. He cracks me up every time, and I have to send him away while I practice.” She is a flutist with The Cleveland Orchestra.

When Saeran entered Ted in Bark’s Dog Is My Co-Pilot contest, we were intrigued by the promise of song. We wanted to know—or even hear—more. Saeran and Ted obliged, recording what may be the first-ever exclusive-for-Bark singing dog video. Does this feel like the start of something to you?

Thmbnail photo by Derek Snyder, taken in his home recording studio.

Lisa Wogan lives in Seattle and is the author of several books including Dog Park Wisdom.

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