Meet Snowy

By The Bark Editors, May 2020

Dog's name and age: Snowy, 7 years

Nicknames: Snowsie, Bear

About Snowy: Snowy prefers to maintain an air of mystery ... but when he employed me as his assistant he informed that Snowy was his name. On his leisure time, Snowy enjoys going into local shops, putting his paws on the counter and getting a treat (or four.) He enjoys relaxing in cafés with pals — he says this is down to his Mediterranean Greek heritage. While he deplores the rain, Snowy enjoys a good toweling down!

He can also be found chasing squirrels through the branches as he's running through the forest.


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On the career side of things, Snowy considers himself an artist and critic. He is learning to paint ... and considers himself a master of the abstract and is actively seeking a publishing deal! He even advised me on which paintings to choose for my book Dogs in Art and like Sir Edwin Landseer's dogs is a rigorous critic. He'll smile sneakily behind my back when he considers my taste is lacking.

I cherish the way Snowy puts his head on my lap when I sit on the sofa. The silky softness of his wonderful bi-spotted ears, the way he smiles when we go out of the front door and the way he enjoys whatever life has to offer be it great, or small.

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