Meet Squeakers

By The Bark Editors, October 2020

Dog’s name and age: Squeakers, 12 years

Nicknames: Squeaky, Squeaks

Adoption story: Squeakers was turned into the humane society’s night drop, starving and too weak to stand. He weighed only 8 lbs. and should have been closer to 18 lbs., the humane society treated him, and he was standing within three days. 

Squeakers was food aggressive, so not a good shelter adoption candidate and was transferred to Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue to try to find him a suitable home. It was tough because Squeakers did not trust people, it took a lot of patience to gain his trust. As a volunteer at NNKCR, I worked with Squeakers to gain his trust and Squeaker’s forever home turned out to be mine!


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Squeakers likes to explore for new smells and seems to enjoy tall grass where he can disappear. He loves to roll in the wild mint, and he smells wonderful afterwards.

It’s taken a few years to get to the place we are now, but all the time and effort was worth it just to see Squeakers so happy when I’m giving him a belly rub.