Meet Traveler

By The Bark Editors, May 2021, Updated June 2021
smiling dog

Dog’s Name and Age: Traveler, 4 years

Adoption Story: I had three dogs. Two died within a short time (one at 10 from hemangiosarcoma, the other from old age at 18), leaving the last dog by herself. I was okay with one dog, thinking we would have more one on one time. But I looked at her and knew. She was okay with me alone, but she’s a dog who likes a party. So, I set out to adopt a dog.

When I met Traveler, he told me his name. At first, he said it was called Captain Fantastic, but then said he also liked Traveler. A year later, I rescued Pippa. I had three again, and it just felt like we were a family again.

Traveler is special. He is part of my heart. He constantly teaches me about what is important in life.

Photo: Reader submitted photo