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Meet Tula

By The Bark Editors, May 2021, Updated June 2021
smiling dog

Dog’s Name and Age: Tula, 4 years

Nicknames: Tulip

Adoption Story: We previously wrote for the The Bark about our adoption of Tula, a blind Shiz-Tsu who has taught us so much about loving kindness. We brought Tula into our family thinking we would have to learn to "manage" a blind dog. Instead, Tula has taught us patience, commitment, open-mindedness.

Tula loves to count steps in new locations so that she can get around on her own. She recently traveled with us to Washington, DC and got around like a champ while she got to "hear" all about the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. While in DC, we celebrated Tula’s 4th birthday, and she was able to have birthday cake near the nation’s Capital! Tula loves to cuddle around us while we are on Zoom calls these days. We all lay blankets by our feet and she can travel around the house and listen to our various school and work conversations while we run our toes through her fur!


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My older daughter created a book nook in a walk-in closet. She and Tula love quiet and hide out there when they need a break.

The thing we most cherish about Tula is that she is far more patient with us than we deserve. She understands that we are only human, and she gives us time and space to understand her needs without judging us. On most days, it feels like she is the pilot, and we are the second wing. We have learned so much about ourselves through our interactions with such a wise little creature.

Photo: Reader submitted photo