Meet Zoe

By The Bark Editors, September 2020

Dog’s name and age: Zoe, 14 years

Nicknames: ZoZo

Adoption story: Zoe was one of the last puppies available in a litter. She was standoffish, had a little attitude and would turn her back to me while all the other puppies climbed all over me. But Zoe was a great pick and has been my sidekick ever since. I decided the name Zoe would be fitting because it’s the Greek word for “life” and she is very active and full of life.

Zoe enjoys walking, exploring, and traveling—she’s been fortunate to have hiked many places throughout the country. Zoe has just started slowing down now due to age, so our walks are shorter, and we have stopped traveling long distances. 

Because of our bond, I have learned to decipher her body language over the years and her various ways of communicating. I enjoy seeing the wheels turning as she’s thinking and can often figure out what she wants just by the look she gives me.