Mia: Lending a Helping Paw

By Mindee Tomlinson, February 2013, Updated February 2015

In August 2011, I rescued a tiny mutt from in front of a big-box store (a woman was giving away puppies! I couldn’t walk away from that). The dog, Mia, is a Pekinese/Feist mix and originally, I had no intention of keeping her; when I drove by and saw the litter, I planned to take all the pups and get them to a reputable rescue group the next day. But by the time I got back there after work, there was only one left. The woman’s young son handed her to me by the scruff of her neck, and she crawled up my chest and hung on for dear life. I beat a hasty retreat before the woman could change her mind. I had two “hard-and-fast” rules about dogs—no more dogs than hands, and no small dogs—and I broke both of them.

Lily, a 10-year-old, 108-pound Catahoula mix, and Isabelle, a 4-yearold, 75-pound Pit mix, welcomed the tiny pup. Now, Isabelle has a rambunctious playmate and Lily has had new life breathed into her. I also have four indoor cats who seem to actually like being chased around the house by an 18-pound dog.

Several months ago, Mia and I took and passed our Therapy Dogs International test. She’s become a great therapy dog, and makes a lot of people happy. I’m so glad I went back for her. She’s brought much joy and laughter to everyone in my household.

In response to McConnell’s “Lending a Helping Paw”.