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Miracle Dog


That’s exactly what worries Debbie Rappuhn. “My mission is to save dogs, but what’s going to happen after they dismantle the chamber? People think it’s kinder to use injectable drugs. They’ve got an image of a sweet old lady cuddling a dog before putting it to sleep, but that’s not going to happen. Some days they put down 30 or 40 dogs. Sometimes more. Do you think the dogs are going to be calmly euthanized? How is it going to be better for the dogs? Instead of trying to figure out what’s the best way to kill these dogs, shouldn’t the question be, ‘How do we prevent them from being euthanized in the first place?’”


Pilots N Paws
Debi Boies came up with a unique alternative to euthanasia. Instead of killing dogs, why not fly them to safety? So, four years ago, she co-founded Pilots N Paws, a group of 2,130 registered pilots who volunteer their time and planes—mostly to rescue dogs from kill shelters in the South. Since the pilots pay for everything themselves, there’s no cost to shelters. So far, PNP has rescued about 10,000 dogs.






Photo courtesy of Joe Dwyer