My Rescue Hopee

By Rose Hutches, March 2015

Learn more about Hopee who was featured in the Spring 2015 Smiling Dog section of The Bark.

This is one of my dogs, Hopee.

She was rescued from Hurricane Katrina by Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, six months after the hurricane hit.

Almost five years later, a friend and I volunteered at Best Friends for a week. She was the first dog I walked on the trails. I could not believe she had not been adopted in all that time. She was very shy, so it had been hard for her to meet people. She certainly didn't belong in a sanctuary, though.


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I spent a lot of time with her that week and when I returned home, I applied for her. I had to drive back to Utah for three of my dogs to meet her and I got to take her on some outings, and about a month later they put her on a plane in Las Vegas, and I picked her up in St. Louis that evening.

We think she is about 14 now and she has never given me a minute of trouble and has come out of her shell quite a bit. She has a thyroid condition, is on phenobarbytol for seizures that started about two years ago (she's been seizure-free ever since) and was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

She is so special to me!

Rose Hutches
Springfield, Ill.