Nashville Music Scene Honors Dogs

A new collection of canine-inspired songs benefits shelters
By The Bark Editors, August 2020, Updated June 2021
“Rock and Roll Over” CD cover Nashville music scene

“Rock and Roll Over” CD cover

Music remains as enduring and powerful as ever, and a new project uniting 17 emerging songwriters and artists is proof positive. Created as a testament to our bond with dogs, these dog loving members of the Nashville music scene have banded together to release “Rock and Roll Over,” a showcase tribute album featuring original songs about man’s/woman’s best friend. Plus, dog lovers can download their favorite songs for free by donating to animal shelters nationwide. 

“Rock and Roll Over” was written, recorded and produced entirely in lockdown with the artists’ barking sidekicks nearby. The artists, all directly affected by the pandemic in terms of cancelled shows and tours, were approached by producer/artist Steve McWilliams of The Truehearts and musician Norty Cohen, founder of Moosylvania, a St. Louis-based ad agency—both dog lovers—in early April on a group Zoom call. The project gave the musicians the opportunity to showcase their creativity while helping shelters raise money. The recent sessions were co-produced also by Debra Buonaccorsi (The Truehearts) and Dave Coleman, with contributions from Bob Lewis, Mike Younger, Megan Palmer, Jason Quicksall, Jamie Rubin, David Conrad, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Meghan Hayes, Irakli Gabriel, Anana Kaye, Steve Rempis, Mark Robinson, and Jimmy Catlett. 

Partnering shelters each received a video PSA featuring their specific pets in need of adoption, synched to the song, “Someday the Mutts Will Rule the World” written by Steve Rempis:

They’re in the shelters and alleyways
There’s plenty of us to be found
Open your heart and come rescue us
There’s no better friend to be found


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Other featured titles include: “Woooooo All Day” (Bassett Hound), “Pit Bulls Rock,”  “Do the Dachs-Hound,” and “Little Lion” (Shih Tzu), among others.

“Not only are they dog lovers, but these artists are always looking for a chance to contribute to things in a positive way. Most, if not all, of those involved in this project have dogs or were dog owners at one time. Sometimes we even call this town Dogville because everybody seems to have one. There’s something in this album for everyone,” Cohen said.

Music producers Steve McWilliams and Debra Buonaccorsi
Music producers Steve McWilliams and Debra Buonaccorsi

For example, Bob Lewis’ song, “That’s My Retriever,” captures the special bond he shares with his Golden Retriever: 

No one could have told me / You’d be by my side
I never would have guessed / How much I needed you as a friend

“Thanks to the work of these wonderfully talented artists we are able to help the pets in our care who need and depend on us, but also help support people who are experiencing their own difficulties and challenges due to the current global pandemic,” said Sarah Javier, executive director of the Animal Protective Association of Missouri. “It’s important to be able to share this project with others, especially during this time when positivity and connection are so needed. As animal lovers know in their hearts, pets are friends forever,” she added. 

Visit for more information, music videos and artist profiles. The site automatically connects dog lovers to the shelters nearest them. Visitors can donate and download their favorite songs from the website.