National Champion Names Her Dog Pie

A shout out to this pair on Pi Day!
By Karen B. London PhD, March 2019, Updated June 2021

I love dogs, I love running, and I love dessert, so any time that two or more of them come together is a source of joy for me. Newly crowned national champion and 2016 Olympian Colleen Quigley beautifully combined all three. In much of the press about her new title on the track as the country’s top miler, there were mentions of her new Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. His name is Pie, which means that he is worth celebrating this Pi Day, Thursday, March 14. (The date can be written as 3-14 and it is also Albert Einstein’s Birthday, so it’s the perfect day for math-themed festivities.)

Truth be told, Quigley’s dog Pie is named after a pizza place where she and her boyfriend went on their first date nearly a decade ago, but I don’t care. His name is Pie, his guardian is one of our country’s best track and field athletes, and he is as cute as a puppy can be. That makes him the perfect trifecta.

Fun fact: Quigley’s favorite event and the one she competed in during the 2016 Rio Olympics is the 3000m steeplechase, which is more like a human version of canine agility than any other event in track and field. Steeplechasers are challenged to hurdle 28 barriers and cross 7 water jumps. It is physically grueling and, according to participants, extremely fun.

Fun will hopefully be a part of your Pi day. May you enjoy your outings with your dog (runs or walks or hikes or whatever you love to do) and any pie that you choose to sample. And of course, here’s hoping that you enjoy your dog on that day—and on every day.

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Karen B. London, Ph.D. is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer who specializes in working with dogs with serious behavioral issues, including aggression. Karen writes the animal column for the Arizona Daily Sun and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University. She is the author of six books about canine training and behavior, including her most recent, Treat Everyone Like a Dog: How a Dog Trainer’s World View Can Improve Your Life