New Fetch Toy Idea

Kickstarter nurtures pet inventions
By Cameron Woo, April 2015

Our friends at PAWW are quite good at designing clever leashes, bowls and toys—plenty of research, exploration and testing goes into every project they conceive. So, we were excited to hear about a new line of fetch toys they have been working on, and unveiled to the public via a Kickstarter campaign launched in mid-April. Their goal was to design an incredibly durable toy that would bounce erratically, float on water, and work for both big and little dogs. Each one would be compatible with your average ball launcher. Plus, act as a treat dispenser for around the house. A tall order … but they were up to the task. We think they have created something special. Check out their Kickstarter campaign, and consider getting on the ground floor of this cool fetch toy!

Pet projects continue to be a vital segment of Kickstarter campaigns. Spend a few minutes on the crowdfunding site and it soon becomes apparent that creative ideas aimed at dog people abound. An estimated $2M worth of pet products have successfully been funded so far.