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A South Carolina firefighter adopts his canine counterpart.
A Sacramento woman facilitates over 700 adoptions in one month.
New York City pilots a program to bring dogs into schools.
A search and rescue pup to be finds her calling in a different place.
Ben Roethlisberger's foundation funds working pups in the communities his team plays in.
Happily, she is back with her guardian now
Study finds that dogs and humans adapted to mountain living in a similar way.
A Texas Lowes gains attention for hiring a service dog and her human.
Maid of honor makes sure her sister's dog makes it down the aisle.
A new study shows dogs display episodic memory supporting what many already knew
Virgin America launches their Tiny Dogs Tiny Fares promotion.
Doggy triathlons are becoming more popular as people seek activities to do with their pets.
An east coast search and rescue dog is honored in Los Angeles.
A skill worth developing by dog guardians
Records uncover the Detroit police killed at least 21 dogs so far this year.
The canine community comes together to support a man and his dog in their final days together.