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Siberian hunter-gatherers may have bred canines for pulling sleds and hunting polar bears.
The state makes a big step towards ending discrimination against breeds like Pit Bulls.
Web site allows members to trade pet and house sitting for free lodging.
NFL defensive lineman teams up with local rescue organizations in his new community.
A sport and lifestyle of spotting random dogs
Examining genomes uncovered interesting findings.
Premiers on ABC, Wednesday, May 17 2017, 9:30 pm
Study looks at how household rivalry affects the way dogs think.
Mumbai photographers promote homeless pets with creative pictures.
Pub Dog may be the most dog friendly restaurant in the country.
A Utah veterinarian reflects on the changing industry and lessons learned.
Outdoor trials are a unique way to enjoy the warm weather with you pup.
The city is starting a six month pilot to try and reduce attacks.
Study looks at how time away can benefit homeless pups.
An abused Beagle finds his niche in airport customs.
Empathy affects how we read canine facial expressions.
Study uses fMRI brain scans to help organizations train pups to help people.
Tallahassee Aloft hotel partners with Leon County Humane Society to feature homeless dogs.