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News & Views

Jeff Kramer builds a ramp for an elderly pup on his mail route.
New York City pilots a program to bring dogs into schools.
A search and rescue pup to be finds her calling in a different place.
Study finds that dogs and humans adapted to mountain living in a similar way.
A Texas Lowes gains attention for hiring a service dog and her human.
Doggy triathlons are becoming more popular as people seek activities to do with their pets.
An east coast search and rescue dog is honored in Los Angeles.
Records uncover the Detroit police killed at least 21 dogs so far this year.
Japanese biologist develops an algorithm to decode your pup's feelings.
A California dog finds a forever home and a social media run.
A Michigan man's pre-marital celebration becomes an unforgettable event.
Study trains dogs to sniff out bacteria from urine samples.
Three organizations in Finland team up to understand root causes of dog behavioral issues.
A Vermont boy gets help in his quest for a diabetes pup.
Congressman Jim McGovern makes a push to provide funding to help veterans.
Study finds that many pups prefer praise over treats.
A university looks at animal-assisted therapy's effect on homesickness and retention.
Rescue Express Transport Bus - Takes Dog From LA to Washington
Transporting shelter animals to northern California, Oregon and Washington