Issue 39: Nov/Dec 2006

Doggone Great Ideas for the Holidays: Bark editors combed the dog world for the best and most unique gift ideas—from custom bobbleheads (our Gold Bone Winner!) to “your pooch” wine labels, from gifts that give, to home cooked treats—we’ve assembled everything you’ll need for a memorable celebration. Matchmaker Tips: On choosing the best trainer for you and your dog—sit, stay and evaluate with this handy primer. Katrina Special Report Exclusive: in-depth coverage of the successes and challenges facing companion animals and the people and organizations who care for them throughout the Gulf Coast. Innovators: Profiles on the Karen Pryor, the maven of clicker training; and founder Betsy Saul. A visit to the amazing Rolling Dog Ranch—a sanctuary for disabled animals in Big Sky country—get inspired! And our resident behaviorist Patricia McConnell explores the emotional ties that bind us to the animal world. Exclusive: An interview with the Oscar nominated filmmaker of the new film Cave of the Yellow Dog—what a dog’s life means on the steppes of Mongolia. Travel: Tokyo’s coolest dog stores, and looking for Mozart and discovering dog-friendly Vienna. Plus: The secret origin of Puggo, the one-eyed cartoon Pug; and Cyber shopping for Fido. Happy Howlidays!


Clicker-Mad Karen Pryor took her insights with dolphins and applied them to dogs … training has never been the same! By Amy Sutherland
The Cave of the Yellow Dog A new film by award-winning Mongolian director Byambasuren Davaa. By Edward Guthmann
Q&A: Byambasuren Davaa With Cameron Woo
Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary One thing leads to another—and to a haven for special-needs animals in Montana’s Big Sky country. By Rebecca Wallick
SOS for Pets Betsy Saul’s makes lifelong love of animals an international success. By Laura Bergerol
Sit, Stay, Evaluate A primer on how to choose the right trainer or behaviorist. By Jolanta Benal

Treading Water
Update—One year after Katrina, humane organizations, shelters and dog lovers face ongoing challenges.
By Julia Kamysz Lane

Based on a True Pug Author’s dog gets “animated.” By Alysia Gray Painter
An Emotional Rescue Katrina pup brings a couple to a new social accord. By Beverly Breton Carroll
Of Chocolates, Pastries and Mannerly Dogs Mozart’s celebration inspires a visit to Vienna, but the city’s dogs provide lasting memories. By Carole Moore
Rex and the City: XXIII Rex finds his Inner Bird Dog. By Lee Harrington

Bill Charmatz Master of the illustrative understatement.
Best of Show in Houston Canine-inspired art though the ages.
The Honorable Dog Like their living counterparts, dog figures have a place in traditional Japanese culture. By Alan Scott Pate

[Dog Nation] Dog Park Showdown New York group works to fend off challenges to off-leash use in city parks. By Chuck Bennett
[Research News] Get Studied Participants needed for clinical study looking at the effects of thyroid on behavior.
[Health] Keeping Your Dog Safe New entries in the dog-toxic hit parade. By Sophia Yin, DVM
[By the Numbers] 8 Reasons to adopt an older dog rather than a puppy. By Karen B. London, PhD
[Abroad] Tokyo—A visit to two of the city’s most fashionable doggy spots. By Arin Greenwood
[Behavior] Both Ends of the Leash—A Glass Half-Full All emotions may not be equal, but they are equally powerful. By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Internet] Cyber Spree Online boutique-hopping nets a treasure trove. By Lee Harrington
[Endpiece] Our greetings to you—art by Jessie Hartland

Wish List Special—Grab Bag of Gift Ideas: Cool cards, Books for the whole family, Put a good face on it, Cheery stuffers, Gold Bone Winner!
Secrets of the Ba Ba Sisterhood: Crafts projects with heart. By Jeanette Hurt
Saving Lives: Communities rally in support of pet oxygen masks.
Signs of the Season: Bringing pet food to those in need.
Make a Decoupage Toy Box: Trina Moore shows us how.
Whole Food, Whole Fun: Recipes for gingerbones and breakfast treats.
Smiling Dogs: Our newest family album! Is your dog among our favorites?

From This Issue

• Rolling Dog Ranch - A haven for special-needs animals
• Pet Oxygen Masks - Community outreach effort saves lives of family pets
• Treading Water - More than one year after hurricane Katrina devastated much of the Gulf Coast, humane organizations, shelters and resident dog-lovers struggle to survive.
• Puggo: Based on a True Pug - A real-life, couch-sleeping counterpart
• Founder Betsy Saul - Making lifelong love of animals an international success