Issue 51: Nov/Dec 2008

The Bark magazine - issue 51

In the November/December 2008 issue, we take a look at fast dogs, big love and thrifty gifts—and that’s just for starters. Writer and sheepdog handler extraordinaire Donald McCaig reports from the UK’s World Sheepdog Trials, while back in the U.S., the sweet romance between a dog-loving elephant and a rescued pup is revealed. Tips for a homespun holiday—50+ gifts under $20, how to help your dog be a gracious guest and two easy craft projects—provide a gentle entry to the season. Add a report on canine personality research; the low-down on Rin Tin Tin; a Q&A with Broadway’s premier trainer and shelter-dog advocate; and articles on behavior, health, doga and more and you have a holiday issue that’s hard to beat. Enjoy!



Big Love In Tennessee, dogs are an elephant’s best friends. By Megan McMurray
Dog Star Susan Orlean’s quest for the truth about Rin Tin Tin. By Sheila Pell
Please Understand Me In dogged pursuit of the canine personality. By Sophia Yin, DVM
World Sheepdog Trial 2008 Donald, Luke and June go to Wales. By Donald McCaig


The Gracious Guest Is your dog ready to go a-visiting? By Karen B. London, PhD
60 Gifts Under $20 Delightful, delicious, delovely giving.
Handmade Window Books Simple paper projects with a personal touch. By Esther K. Smith
Ruffle Dog Collar Knit an easy, elegant collar. By Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne


Friday Faithfuls The day after Thanksgiving is a busy one for shelters. By Marian Gryzlo
The Lady in Holmby Park Was it the squirrels or the prayers?  By Sy Fischer


[Wellness] Mealtime upgrades from the grocery shelf. By Roschelle Heuberger, PhD, RD [See Part One]
[Recipe] Thanksgiving Dinner. Use up those leftovers. By Jonna Anne with Mary Straus
[Behavior] Can you bet against your dog’s nature and win? By Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
[Eco Life] The Greening of Animal Shelters By Debra J. White
[Q&A]Bill Berloni: Broadway’s premier animal advocate and trainer tells all. By Susan Tasaki
[Legal] Breaking the Chain: Advocating for anti-tethering legislation By Alyce Miller
[Photo Essay] Fierce Beauty Michael Crouser’s Dog Run. By Mark Doty
[Film] Wendy & Lucy Indie film with a focus on the human-dog bond. By Heather Huntington
[Assistance] Family Visits Therapy dogs help parent and child. By Rebecca Wallick
[Activity] Good Dogi Stretch, breathe and bond with doga. By Julia Kamysz Lane
[Vet Advice] Small Organ, Big Problem: The low-down on canine pancreatitis. By Nancy Kay, DVM
[Family Dog] The Tate boys & Judge. Vintage memories.
[Reviews] Pet Food Politics; For the Love of Animals; Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition; The Modern Dog; Speaking for Spot
[Endpiece] Lawn Ornament Lunacy. By Julie Smith


Opinion—Marc Bekoff on our “compassion footprint.”
The Great Cover Dog Contest: Redux—Let the entries begin!
Cover Dogs—Coos Bay’s Jammer and Tru.
Canine Chorus—Sounds of the season.
Wagger—Margaret Cho.
Dog Park Ducks—Huey, Dewey and Louie save the day.
Musician’s Muse—Derek James and Clueless.
Dogs Speak Cat—Research news.
Dioramas Delight—Photographer K.C. Bailey’s “Brooklyn Rescue” project.
Q&A—Talking dogs with Nick Trout, DVM.
How I Found My Dog—Poet Maxine Kumin rescues Rosie.
Smiling Dogs—Miles of smiles.

From This Issue

• Wendy and Lucy - A new indie film focuses on the heart of the human-dog bond
• Dog Star - Susan Orlean’s quest for the truth about Rin Tin Tin
• Show Time with Bill Berloni - Broadway’s premier animal advocate and trainer tells all
• Family Visits - In Oregon prisons, therapy dogs help close the gap between parent and child
• Small Organ, Big Trouble - When rich food appears, pancreatitis lurks
• Training Against a Dog's Nature - Can you bet against your dog’s nature and win?