Operation Roger

Trucker transporters
By Lisa Wogan, June 2011, Updated February 2015

Sue Wiese is a trucker and animal lover who knows how to get the most out of her telephone headset. Founder of Operation Roger, a nonprofit organization made up of regional and long-haul truckers who volunteer their time to transport needy pets as they deliver freight nationwide, she says the idea came to her not long after Hurricane Katrina. She discussed it with friends and family, and they convinced her to go on a truck call-in show. When it was her turn to talk, she asked if there were any drivers interested in helping move needy pets across the country. “There was absolute silence. You don’t have silence on radio,” she says. When the host finally got over the shock, they talked for another 15 minutes, and by the time the show ended, she had a dozen truckers’ calls to return. All of those original 12 are still active in Operation Roger, and they’ve been joined by another 30 or so; Wiese says they could use many more. The payback for the drivers? “They feel like they’re giving back to the community, which they can’t do at home, because they’re not there.”

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 59: Apr/May 2010