Paper-Mache Dogs Gallery

By The Bark Editors, January 2011, Updated February 2015

In our Nov/Dec ’10 issue we had a pattern for Paper-Mache dogs by Paul Boddum, and asked to see photos of your handiwork. Here are some stellar examples.

1. Dixie, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, with a box turtle. I used a lot of newspaper and some coat hangers for the frame, the turtle is made from part of a gourd and newspaper. 
–Shelley Whittington

2. This is my Doberman, Alex, complete with ragged shreds of her tennis ball. The instructions were simple to follow (this was my first attempt at paper-mache so you can tell it was easy to follow!) and everyone loves how it turned out, especially Alex! I included a picture of the real Alex.
–Sue Morrow

3. I loved making them. I enjoyed it so much that I may be giving paper dogs for Christmas … problem is, I want to keep them all. That is Guiness and Buster Brown.
–Donna O'Brien

4. My friend from work, Kathie Benko, and myself made these great pups. Thanks for the fun (and simple) project. We loved it and are pleased as punch it wasn’t beyond our capabilities.
–Ginger Passalacqua

5. I call him Mr. McMaster. He is the final one of three—the first one ended in the trash at the masking tape stage, the second is finished but quite odd looking. And then there is Mr. McMaster!
–Leslie Halliday

6. I had such a great time making not one, but three paper-mache doggies. I used my Border Collie Luna as my model. She is a rescue and was featured once as one of your smiling dogs.
–Stephanie Smith-Leckness

7. Here is a picture of the dog I made from your latest issue of Bark. Me and my parents had fun making him. His name Cashmere.
–Ella Hamby

8. We had the pleasure of reading your magazine for the first time with the Nov - Jan 11 issue. We love it! My daughter Emma and I were excited to try out the papier-mache dog craft. We had alot of fun and wanted to share the results with you!
–Joel and Emma Hawkins