Patrick McDonnell’s MUTTS Comics Special Appearance

By The Bark Editors, June 2019, Updated June 2021
Patrick McDonnell and Earl

Patrick McDonnell and Earl

The Bark’s favorite comic strip is celebrating a birthday—Patrick McDonnell began drawing MUTTS 25 years ago and to mark this special occasion, we have the honor of publishing new and favorite MUTTS strips in The Bark magazine and in our weekly enewsletters. Perhaps you’ve missed your daily dose of Earl, Mooch and Ozzie in your local newspaper … well, you can catch up with the gang right here. Enjoy what Peanuts creator Charles Schulz called “one of the best comic strips of all time.” And if you are not already signed up to receive our weekly enewsletter, it’s easy to do at


MUTTS Reissued online by special permission of King Features Syndicate.

Photo of Patrick McDonnell and Earl by Kim Levin