Penny and Nemo: Cover Dogs

Penny (right) and Nemo (left) live with Melissa Boesch in Dallas, Texas, and recently posed for a “cover dog” session with famed photographer, Amanda Jones. As Melissa poignantly described, Penny was found lying in a ditch with a broken pelvis; she was also malnourished, pregnant and infected with heartworms. A scar around her neck showed that a rope had once been embedded in her skin, and there was a bullet hole in her thigh—such a long list of suffering for a dog who was barely a year old! Penny was taken in by the SPCA of Texas, and from there, went to a remarkable program, the Hard Luck Hound and Kitty Society at Highland Park Animal Clinic. At the clinic, the vets worked to give her a new life. She had been there for three months when Melissa adopted her. Nemo, Penny’s “mini me” Beagle companion, was born with a deformed leg, and Melissa decided to give the little pup a home as well, naming him after the brave fish in Finding Nemo. The story doesn’t end there … Having Nemo helped push Penny out of her timid shell. As Melissa tells it, the adorable Nemo got so much attention, “it didn’t take Penny long to understand that if she wanted attention also, she would have to step up and ask for it.” Nemo transformed Penny, and in turn, both dogs have worked their magic on Melissa as well.

Article first appeared in The Bark, Issue 49: Jul/Aug 2008

 Photograph by Amanda Jones